Seeing through Randomness

Exhibition Finissage & artists talk by Sam Burford: Tuesday 24th October 2017 | 6.30 - 8.30 pm

Ingrid - Integrated Self Captions V2 small.jpg

Ever increasing numbers of synthetic images are silently taking their place amongst photographic representations of the world - images that pass for the real thing when casually viewed but which on closer examination seem to occupy a curious space that is neither evidentiary nor actual yet somehow conform to the visual semantics of the photographic. In this talk Burford will explore the underlying cause of this emergence. He believes this marks an important turning point for us all - as the curator Joan Fontcuberta states:

"I believe that post-photography is not a style or a historical movement but a re-routing of visual culture. It is a concept we should express serious interest in because it defines a new relationship we've adopted with our images. Photography is an instrument that allows us to consider who we are today, what our society stands for and what it will become.”