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Art Central Hong Kong

Sam Burford & Nicole Wassall

At Art Central, Central Harbourfront, Hong Kong, Booth R10, 14th – 16th March 2015

The works of Sam Burford and Nichole Wassall have been specifically selected by Fiumano Projects to engage collectors on a mind-bending exploration of printed media and sculpture at the inaugural edition of Art Central in Hong Kong.

Sam Burford | Rear Window (detail)

The Colour Green ingeniously references the ‘magic’ of Hollywood green screen compositing and draws the eye to an ever closer appreciation of a three dimensional hanging sculpture. Sam Burford’s Rear Window clearly references the subject in the title of the work yet imagination of the viewer is called upon to penetrate the visual narrative of this cutting edge artistic interpretation of the famed cinematic trailblazer.

This has won 8 Nobel Prizes is Nichole Wassall’s invitation for us to consider the boundaries of reality and infinity (the law of unplanned consequence[i]). A blank chessboard releases the pieces sculpted in marble and wax (definite and indefinite) from accepted boundaries, yet the entire ensemble is contained within a cage. The work is central to Wassall’s continued practice to challenge structures and explore our perception of infinity.

Nicole Wassall | This has won 8 Nobel Prizes 

 A balanced selection of works by each artist will facilitate a multifaceted experience and appreciation of the two artistic sentiments. Wassall’s deployment of ‘Neuroart’ is in essence the re-sculpting of the way our representations acquire meaning and power, structured around an understanding of neuroscience. There is however no need for the viewer to have any technical knowledge of the intricacies of neuroscience to be able to appreciate the work that Wassall produces. There is no daunting scientific equipment and no hint of anything that appears suspiciously like a science project morphing into a piece of art.

Sam Burford | Wrath of Khan (Star Trek II)

Sam Burford | Wrath of Khan (Star Trek II)

Burford, meanwhile, unpacks the formal structure of cinema as the photographic enfolding of time and space (normally expressed as a series of two dimensional image slices) and creates unique, physical sculptural forms that depict local flows of time within the material tradition of sculpture. Through this materialisation, cinema is returned to the world of objects, the language of making, holding and grasping. The result is arresting; inviting you to participate, to find the end, the peak and the beginning.

Nicole Wassall | Thomas Moore

[i] Wassall, N, The law of unplanned consequence, London; Fiumano Projects Publishing, 2013, 94p

Art Central will feature over 70 leading international galleries and will be staged in the largest ever specially commissioned, purpose-built structure to have ever been erected in Hong Kong. Located on the new Central Harbourfront, the fair is conveniently located and a 10 minute walk from the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where Art Basel takes place.