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'Desolution' by Tanya Tier

PRIVATE VIEW | 26 January, 6.30-9pm

Tanya Tier’s new solo show DESOLUTION builds on her previous body of work which looked at our desire to seek out the unique and the strange.

She has been looking at the paradox within our society which demonstrates how we place a high value on the rare and extraordinary, while simultaneously pursuing an obsession with uniform, mass-produced, disposable consumer products. The artist is questioning whether the purposeful redundancy of these items reflects a subconscious awareness of our own inevitable redundancy on the evolutionary timeline.

In a world where each moment of time is optimised, Tier considers whether the commodification of happiness has led to a hollow heart in the centre of our society.

There is an exhausting and continuous assault of opinion in our lives and our cultural views on value and beauty are constantly forced to shift. Without realising it, we end up in a maelstrom of half-truths and invention, blurring the line between fiction and reality.

Roger Waters noted that our species would ultimately amuse itself to death. Tier is taking elements of this theme and observing contemporary human nature in a playful manner -  wondering how the absurdity of our rituals, conventions and protocols might be interpreted by those who discover the remnants of our modern civilisations long after we’re gone.

Tanya Tier is an English sculptor who comes from a background of satirical sketch writing and political cartooning. She has written for comedy shows such as Smack the Pony and has had her political cartoons published in The Guardian.

Her cynical humour often comes through in her artwork, where she tries to observe the world through the eyes of a baffled and objective outsider. She has a particular fascination with the objects of day-to-day life which trap and define us, and the mythologies and protocols we retreat to and take comfort in.

As part of a long-held interest in science and the follies of the universe, Tanya’s practice is also concerned with the illusion of science and how we respond to what we perceive as the real world and the possibility of others. She is exploring the increasingly blurred boundaries between reality and fiction and looking at how altered states and ambiguity challenge the scientifically explainable world.